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Advanced English course


My advanced lessons assume that you are comfortable with conversational English. If you can understand most an English newspaper and hold a conversation about it, you can probably benefit from this course. Instead of teaching grammar fundamentals, I focus on communication strategies (e.g. self-correction for emphasis, the conventions of spoken stories, adding natural complexity to your speech) and addressing weaknesses (e.g. error drilling, correcting habitual mistakes, systemizing phrasal verbs). If you have over 400 classroom hours or equivalent experience, this course may be best for you.

Example Classroom Lesson Plan:

Free Talk (0-10 minutes)

Break the ice and warm up with conversation. Use the topic of conversation or mistakes to choose a lesson.

Introduction (5 minutes)

Introduce a lesson target (e.g. using litotes to minimize or for humour)

Practice (15 minutes)

Practice the topic with various language drills to achieve understanding and fluency of the topic. These drills also prepare the student for the roleplays and discussion topic.

Guided Discussion (30 minutes)

Have a thirty-minute discussion about a topic while trying to use the target language. In the middle and at the end, pause for corrective drills to build accuracy and vocabulary.

Homework (1 minute)

At the end of class, assign a writing or listening assignment. Decide if we want to do a classroom lesson or discussion lesson next class.