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Writing: A Sentence-Composing Approach


Writing: A Sentence-Composing Approach では、「認知的徒弟制(Cognitive Apprenticeship)」をベースとした、 モデリング(modeling) ②スキャフォールディング(scaffolding) ③リフレクティング(reflecting) エクスプローイング(exploring) 4つのステップで、ライティングの向上を目指します!

「認知的徒弟制(Cognitive Apprenticeship)」とは? 参考用リンク▼


  • 英検準1級、1級ライティング対策

  • IELTSバンド8-9を目指す方

  • インターナショナルスクールにお子様(中学生以上でB2レベル以上の英語力がある)

  • 現地のミドルスクール・ハイスクールに通うお子様

  • ライターとして英語で記事を書きたい方

  • フィクションの書き方を学びたい方

  • クリエイティブ・ライティングを学びたい方

レベル:B2以上(英検準1級、TOEIC785、IELTS バンド6 以上)


In these writing lessons, we will work together to expand both the quality and complexity of your writing.

How do we do it?

We use a sentence combining approach. Research has pretty conclusively shown sentence combining to be an effective way to improve the complexity of writing. It's been shown to be almost twice as effective as modeling, more than twice as effective as essaying, and infinitely more effective than grammar instruction. In fact, not only does studying grammar seem to have little direct impact on the quality of students' writing, it seems to negatively impact the quality of writing when taught for the sake of writing.

In this course, we spend roughly 40 minutes working through a sentence composing workbook. We then spend 10 minutes writing. Homework consists of 30-60 minutes of independent writing, then 40-50 minutes of workbook practice again. So for each 50 minute lesson, you can expect about 100 minutes of homework.

There are two different courseworks to choose from. Most students will be interested in the non-fiction course where we study writing strategies for academic writing. Many of the strategies here are effective ways to score Band 8 and 9 in IELTS writing, or to help you to pass the writing section in EIKEN 1. Alternatively, there is also the fiction course where we study writing strategies for creative writing.

Before taking this course, please be aware. This is not a speaking course. The entire lesson will be taught in English, but the majority of your time will be spent reading, thinking, and typing. This course also requires you to type and to use Google Chrome, so you cannot take this lesson from a tablet or if you do not have basic typing skills. Finally, this course requires B2 (Intermediate) English ability.

If you have any questions about this course or my other English courses, please send me a message or take my counseling service!