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Advanced English

CEFR B2からC1へ。英語学習の最後の山。上級者を指導できるのは経験豊富なプロ講師だけ。

  • 50分
  • Location 1


My advanced lessons assume that you are comfortable with conversational English. If you can understand most an English newspaper and hold a conversation about it, you can probably benefit from this course. Instead of teaching grammar fundamentals, I focus on communication strategies (e.g. self-correction for emphasis, the conventions of spoken stories, adding natural complexity to your speech) and addressing weaknesses (e.g. error drilling, correcting habitual mistakes, systemizing phrasal verbs). If you have over 400 classroom hours or equivalent experience, this course may be best for you.​


予約変更やキャンセルはレッスン開始時間の24時間前までにご連絡ください。 24時間以内の変更、キャンセルはキャンセル料としてレッスン1回分のチケットが消化されます。


  • 日本、広島県広島市南区本浦町7−3


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