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Profession-Specific Business English

Course for B2-C1 speakers looking to study English in a specialized fi

  • 50分
  • Location 1


This course uses the Professional English In Use line of textbooks from Cambridge University Press. There are individual textbooks for Medicine, ICT, Finance, Engineering, Management, and Law. These lessons are appropriate for students B2 and above. If a student does not have all the tools for discussing their specialty in detail, then these lessons will equip the student with those phrases and approaches. If a student is largely fluent within their specialty, then these lessons are still an opportunity to discuss specialized content with an aim to improve speaking accuracy and writing complexity. Details I have a background in ICT and translation for medical documents, so I am most qualified to explore those topics. However, the textbook provides enough information to engage topics in depth with supplementary vocabulary and discussion topics. Homework is the Advanced Grammar in Use textbook and writing on our last topic of choice. A single unit of the lesson consists of: ・Vocabulary (5 minutes) ・Practice Activities (10 minutes) ・Short or Long Discussion (10 or 30 minutes) If the student elects for a short discussion, then we can do two units in a single session and focus on vocabulary and writing homework to build knowledge and accuracy. If the student chooses a long discussion, then we will focus on speaking and feedback to build fluency and accuracy.


予約変更やキャンセルはレッスン開始時間の24時間前までにご連絡ください。 24時間以内の変更、キャンセルはキャンセル料としてレッスン1回分のチケットが消化されます。


  • 日本、広島県広島市南区本浦町7−3


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